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Our natural resources of timber, bluestone, water, and fertile land remain now, as ever, the backbone of life in Deposit. Lumberjacks, farmers, and quarrymen stand side by side with innovative businessmen who recognize the value of our natural resources. Log homes, laminated wood products, fiberboard manufacturing, printing businesses, bluestone products, milk and milk products for commercial dairies, maple syrup, fishing and vacation resorts, and golf courses are just a few of the businesses which thrive here.

Fishermen, hunters, hikers, bird watchers, vacationers, and retirees from all over have discovered our area. They flock to the West Branch of the Delaware River and its tributaries. Others find peace and beauty at our mountaintop lakes. The nearby Cannonsville Reservoir, which provides drinking water to the City of New York, has become a home to the American Bald Eagle.

We are proud of our museum, library, public school, restored theater, public swimming pool, modern health care center, farmer's market, community festival, and so much more. We invite you to enjoy all that Deposit has to offer.