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Deposit Historical Society Publications


We recommend the following publications for your personal library
or as a unique gift for that special friend or family member
who has an interest in or a soft spot for Deposit.

To order, you can download an order form, print it out, add the appropriate information,
and send it to us with your payment enclosed. See bottom of the page for details.

Current Offerings:

** NEW as of July 2013 **  Deposit Seed Company Tiles For Sale at the Museum

In the Seed Trade column of the 1909 issue of the American Florist, it was announced that “J.J. Bell, formerly connected with the J. J. Bell Seed Co., has organized a new company known as the Deposit Seed Company which will begin business on a larger scale than formerly.”

The Deposit Seed Company played an important role in the village’s history. For that reason, and also because many of the catalog covers are beautiful works of art, we have decided to produce a series of 6” x 8” ceramic tiles featuring covers from 1920, 1921, 1922, 1927, 1929 , and 1932.

The 1921 catalog featured American Giant Mastodon Pansies. It is claimed that the “Blossoms shown on the front cover do not do justice to the marvelous giants. The blossoms being so much reduced in size look somewhat inferior.” You could order a packet of mixed varieties for 15¢.

Under the heading of Our Mail Order Seed House in the 1921 catalog, it was written that they could handle 5,000 orders a day “with a system that is absolutely correct.” Pretty impressive!

If you would like to purchase one or more of the tiles, please contact the Museum by phone or email, or use the order form link below to fill out and mail in your order with payment. The tiles are $20 each at the Museum. Shipping costs will be added to mail orders.

To view the choices of tiles, click on the appropriate link below. Each tile includes a cork backing and a hanger (if you would rather display them on a wall.)

1920 Front     1920 Back    1921 Front     1922 Front     1927 Front    1927 Back 
1929 Front     1929 Back   1932 Front                            order form

** NEW April 2013 ** The Rich Cut Glassware of Kelly & Steinman, Deposit, NY
View front cover   

The Deposit Historical Society has obtained copies of this "Just Published" book which details the history of Kelly and Steinman Glass, made in Deposit. It includes the entire catalog of items they offered at the time, as well as many photos and descriptions of actual pieces from our current collection at our museum and pieces owned by other collectors.

The book is available by mail for $40. See our order form to order by mail.

April 2010:  Civil War Letters From Local Union Soldier Available On Disc
View sample of letter scan

The Deposit Historical Society has completed the preservation of letters written during the Civil War era – most of them written from the battlefields by Edgar G. Ogden.

Civil War and local history buffs can read the letters at the Historical Society Library or purchase them on disc for $50, postage and handling included. The purchaser will receive a binder with three discs, a hard copy of the introductory material, a hard copy of a brief outline of each letter, and a hard copy of a sample letter.

Edgar G. Ogden’s beautiful letters to his sister Betsy and her husband John Smith poignantly discuss the losses his unit incurred and his experiences living and fighting with soldiers from other places and from very different backgrounds. In letter #22, he mourns the death of his good friend, G. W. Boyd, during a bloody battle. In another, he talks of the death of Lafayette Axtell and his friendship with John Axtell.

Relatives of Ogden penned some of the letters and they provide a broader picture of life during the mid nineteenth century. In addition to the many nationally significant references, many local surnames are mentioned including Smith and Hathaway.

Ann Smith Levatich donated the letters and Theodora Hathaway Cole, Great Granddaughter of Ogden, funded the conservation of the letters. Although fragile, they were stable enough to scan, copy, and preserve. The reader/researcher will get the sense of looking at the true originals whether leafing through the copies or viewing them using the discs.

Kay Hoban, conservator of the letters, would be pleased to provide additional information. Contact her through the Historical Society by regular mail, email (please put Civil War letters att: Kay on the subject line) or by phone. To order the discs send a $50 check or money order to the Deposit Historical Society, 145 Second St., Deposit, NY 13754.

Daniel Dickinson, Defender of the Constitituon
by Marjorie Hinman

View front cover                     View back cover

This book chronicles Daniel S. Dickinson’s life. He was one of the most outstanding orators of his day. Hinman writes, “…he attempted, and sometimes succeeded in changing the course of history.” It has been said of Dickinson that whenever the Union was assailed or threatened, he would be found facing the foe.

The book describes how in 1806 his parents decided to pioneer in Guilford Center, NY. This involved moving from Salem, Connecticut with their six children. When he became of age, Daniel moved around a bit going to school and teaching. He settled in Norwich, NY and entered the law practice of Messrs Lot Clark and John Clapp. During that time, his political essays began appearing in the Norwich Journal. Eventually Dickinson and his wife purchased a home located at 40 Washington Street in Binghamton, NY.

Through a running narrative, news clippings, and excerpts from Dickinson’s letters and essays, Marjorie Hinman chronicles his life. Chapters reflect what was happening in American politics and the influence Dickinson exerted in the shaping of America. For example, Chapter II covers Dickinson’s term as Lieutenant Governor of New York from 1840 – 1845. Chapter V covers the period when Dickinson served as a freshman U.S. Senator from 1840 – 1845.

Hard Cover: $20 by mail.

The Letters and Diaries of William Macclure
edited by Marjorie Hinman and Maurice R. Hitt, Jr.

View cover

The story of one of the earliest settlers in this region, this book represents another in the continuing volumes of early Broome County documents.

From the Introduction:  "When one reads the letters and diary of William Macclure, you begin to get a small sense of what life was like for the true pioneers of our area. After the end of the American Revolution, most of the Native American population had been driven from this region. What would become Broome County in 1806 was a largely uninhabited place, open for development by land speculators and for thousands of settlers who would begin to create new homes in the valleys of this region.
It was in this context that William Macclure arrived in the area. Although missionaries and traders had been through the region for several decades prior to his account, he was one of the first true "settlers" in our area. Through his account we can learn what it was like to have to build your own log cabin, what perseverance it took just to survuve the winters in the area, and how alone you could be when your next neighbor was several hours away. You can also feel through his letters what he felt as he courted, married and brought his new bride into his world in the remote area of what would become eastern Broome County."

Soft Cover:  $11 by mail.

Deposit Seed Company Catalog Covers

Color laser copies of front and back covers from the 1926, 1927, and the 1929 catalogs.  

These catalog covers are beautifully illustrated in full color. Many people say they are more beautiful than seed catalogs produced today! Suitable for framing.

View front cover of 1926 catalog                 View back cover of 1926 catalog
View front cover of 1927 catalog                 View back cover of 1927 catalog
View front cover of 1929 catalog                 View back cover of 1929 catalog

You may purchase either the front cover (only) for any or all of the three years, or a combination package consisting of one full size front and one full size back cover for any one of the three years. These copies are full-size (approximately 7 inches wide by 10 inches tall) printed on high quality 8 1/2" by 11" sheets of glossy paper. Packaged in archival quality plastic sleeves.

Front cover only:  $15 each by mail.   Be sure to specify the catalog year(s).

Combination of one front cover and one back cover: $25 per set by mail  Please specify the year of the catalog(s).

Passing the Time with "Vic"
edited by Kay Hoban and Ellen Jogo
View front and back covers

Raymond E. "Vic" Ruegger's History of Deposit, NY. Ruegger told the history of Deposit with wit, humor, and scholarship. This volume contains the best of his columns and includes more than 200 vintage photos and a complete index of names and places.

Passing the Time with "Vic" makes a great coffee table book! Find your house, your school, your ancestors. Compare yesteryear with today. Enjoy Deposit-area history with family and friends.

Soft Cover edition:  $30 at the museum; $35 by mail.

Hard Cover edition: $50 at the museum, $55 by mail.

An Autobiography of Colonel George Downs Wheeler

View front cover

In late 1974 Raymond E. “Vic” Ruegger edited and published in the Deposit Courier the autobiography of Colonel George Downs Wheeler (1818-1906) in seven installments. Recently, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the death of this man, one of Deposit’s most famous and important citizens, the Historical Society published this edited autobiography.

The Colonel was the youngest son of one of the founders of Deposit, William ‘Deacon Bill’ Wheeler. In his 80th year he penned a fascinating autobiography filled with lively accounts of the early days in our village. He was a farmer, a businessman, a father, a husband, a widower with an infant child, and a devoted son and sibling. In vivid detail he tells of life at 20 Main Street, his father’s home, a home his father, “Deacon Bill,” opened to family, friends, and travelers. This is an excellent book for anyone interested in Deposit's history!

$7 at the museum; $10 by mail.


Naming the Hills and Hollows of Delaware County
by Carol LeVan Thomas
View front and back covers

The rich history of Delaware county is revealed in the name origins of its towns, villages, settlements and hamlets. This book provides a journey into the past. It contains a wealth of information about the people and events associated with the names of many well known and some not so well known places in Delaware county. In addition, the book contains an extensive bibliography of other books of interest to local history buffs or researchers.
190 pages with many illustrations.

$13 at the museum; $16 by mail. SOLD OUT

A Picture Postcard History of Deposit, New York...With nearby settlements;
Cannonsville, Gulf Summit, Hale Eddy, McClure, (etc.)

View cover image

First published in 1989, this ever popular book is in its second printing. The postcards depict scenes from the village and its surroundings including Cannonsville, Gulf Summit, Hale Eddy, McClure, North Sanford, Oquaga Lake, Sanford, and Stilesville.

$6 at the museum; $9 by mail.

Cannonsville Names and Places

Written by A.C. (Pete) Adams who cleverly takes you down the roads and byways of that hamlet buried under the reservoir and makes its people and places come alive again.

$5 at the Museum; $8 by mail.

Gulf Summit, New York, "A Mere Station on the Erie Railroad"
View cover image

By Rick Moore, 3rd Revision, 214 pages, many illustrations. A detailed accounting of the town and its people and the role of the Erie Railroad in its history.

The book contains many anecdotal accounts of the railroad and the men who worked on it. The illustrations include photos of steamer engines, pusher engines, water tanks, signals, the Starrucca Viaduct, and more. Makes a great gift for either history or railroad buffs.

$15 at the museum; $20 by mail.

Strolling Through Time, An architectural walking guide of historic Deposit, New York.
View cover image

Written by Kay Hoban and Ellen Jogo, it features 63 vintage photographs and an easy to follow centerfold street map. This is a must have for current and potential owners of historic houses, architecture and history buffs, admirers of old homes, and lovers of Deposit.

$6 at the Museum; $9 by mail.

1866 Map of Deposit, NY

View overall map

View map detail

This map shows the village as it was in 1866. Included is a business directory, streets and properties with owners identified, the river and the New York and Erie Railroad. Size (approx.) 13" high by 17" wide.

$5 at the Museum; $11 by mail. (Buy both maps -- 1866 & 1887 -- for $21 total)

1887 Map of Deposit, NY

View overall map

View map detail

This map shows a "bird's eye" view of the village as it was in 1887. Included is a directory identifying the major businesses, schools, churches, etc. Rather than just property lines, this map resembles a photo of the village at the time with houses and buildings illustrated. Makes a very attractive historical display. Size overall (approx.):17" high by 28" wide.

$10 at the Museum; $16 by mail.  (Buy both maps -- 1866 & 1887 -- for $21 total)

Deposit Days Bicentennial Coloring Book

View cover

View sample page

This coloring book illustrates various events in Deposit's history, providing a fun way for youngsters to learn about our past. Size overall:14" wide by 16" tall.

$8 at the Museum; $12 by mail.

Deposit Historical Society Mug

View mug

This mug is a nice souvenir to remember your visit to the Historical Society Museum, or just a nice reminder of days past. Buy several for gifts, or get a set of four to use when having guests for coffee or tea.

$5 at the Museum; $8 by mail.

House of Axtell Catalog

View cover

This catalog offers 18th and 19th century folk art, decorative arts, and acessories. Illustrated with color photographs of many of the items. 41 pages.

$7 at the Museum; $10 by mail.

Order Form Information:

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