DHS Newsletter:

January 2004

Another year has swept by with the passing rites of winter and our shortest day. It's dark too soon and not light early enough each day. We look forward to the greens of Spring! So far, we've escaped the deep snows of last year. Hopefully the mildness will continue.

Both Bill and Jenny Gould retired from the Board of Directors and from maintenance and Treasury respectively. Both are charter members and have spent nearly thirty years performing tireless efforts on behalf of the Historical Society. We certainly owe them a big round of applause for all the help they provided. Peder Hansen and Elaine Reinhardt were appointed to replace them. We have five new members: Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Knapp, Koen Gieskes, Whitey Beach and Margaret Malloy.

New Board Members to be elected for the next four year term ending in January 2008 will be Ellen Jogo, Anne Parsons, William Rinker, Kay Hoban, Peder Hansen and Elaine Reinhardt.

July saw a very informative and timely program by Tim Malloy, a local summer resident who works with Para Rescue and NASA. In light of all the terrorism and wars about the world it is better to be well informed. September 6th, a most successful concert presented by Mark and Lyn Andersen created a musical gala on the Steinway piano. With use of hand bells and a special presentation by a local coloratura Ms. Parker. Over one hundred turned out to enjoy high quality music at the State Theater. October 22nd our fall meeting displayed a great collection of Oquaga Lake ephemera and memorabilia given Bob Crowley in memory of his parents Elmer and Helen Crowley. She has written a book about the lake and in the future we will have a special display regarding the history of our wonderful local resort. Our program that evening was presented by Ray and Doris Scott who colorfully told the history of Scott's Oquaga Lake Resort and included a live video from the 20's and 30's summer borders plus music and dancing by the couple. At that time we thanked Elaine Reinhardt and Peder and Kendra Hansen for the most noble job of participating in the October Fest representing our Museum and Society. On December 14th, the Christmas open house appeared again with low attendance due to bad weather. The Holdredge Family did provide great music and all who were entertained enjoyed every minute. We expect to repeat the event again next year regardless of the weather. This year a local 4-H Club donated cookies for refreshments.

In the Fall we had two extensive and energetic "think tanks" conducted by several members. Over thirty different proiects, exhibits and program ideas were presented. We need to find a willing corresponding secretary; someone to be a caller for list of people; clean and organize the cellar and contents; repair and repaint the front doors. Other projects in the wings might be: sponsoring a genealogy workshop; sponsor field trips to other museums i.e.: Roberson Center and Charles English Civil War Museum. We might publish a local historical cookbook with heritage recipes from the 18th and 19th C. We need more help to build and maintain our website.

Kay Hoban and Mike Musante wrote a grant to Roxbury Arts Group for a photographic project in 2004 with Mike as the artist. We received word that we are to collect benefits from that grant. Gratefully we received a bounty of printed books about the history of Gulf Summit by Rick Moore. He has graciously provided us with sale proceeds to be used as seed money for publishing further copies to sell at the Museum.

Mark Andersen has agreed to do an organ concert for the Historical Society at the Methodist Church after the Lumberjack Festival to benefit both us and the Church. Other plans for future theater concerts are in the works.

Our current meeting is the annual covered dish supper with entertainment by Folk Singers Paul and Meredith Hudson, "Old Dogs and New Tricks," at 6:30 p.m. at the Historical Society Social Rooms, 145 Second Street, January 21st, 2004. Bring a dish to pass and table service.

Watch for a great program Wednesday, April 28th 7:30 p.m.; Jim Serio of Gray Ghost Guides and Chairman of the Delaware River Foundation will present a fishing history of the West Branch of the Delaware. May 15th, 2004 the Folk Music and Arts Festival will appear at the Museum for all to enjoy. Plan on another active year at the Society. Dues are due, see enclosed flyer. A list of areas you might want to help us with are also included for you to sign up for if interested.


Richard S. Axtell, President

Deposit Historical Society