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July 2005: vol. II, issue iii
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The Way We Were…

As the Oliver T. Bundy, MD Museum opened with the Clayton M. Axtell, MD furnishings and only the surgical kit from the Civil War to represent times gone by, I reminisced with others how life used to be. Office hours Mon-Sun; 1 hour each in the morning and afternoon; and many, many house calls made first with horse and buggy or sleigh; then with early autos. The days seemed to have more productive hours and less free time wasted. The advancements in medicine have saved countless lives and extended longevity. However, as the only "game-in-town", the country doctor was a God-send to all. He practiced homeopathy, psychiatry, surgery, pharmacology, and just plain old common sense and good advice. Today the conveniences are not quite the same unless one uses "specialists". The wit and humor of the past was lost with the passage of good bedside manners. I know life would be easier with the factors of cheerful diagnosis doled out regularly. Blessed be the past!

On the other half of the way it used to be, we've come a long way in the museum. The veritable beginnings showed us the need for greater and more appropriate surroundings. It was 25 years ago this summer that the second floor of the Village Hall opened the season as a display of artifacts from The Cookhouse, Deansville, and Deposit history came alive. Many of our townspeople helped with the setup and maintenance of that first endeavor of Public Information. Marnie and Tommy Tucker, Larry and Mary Cable, Minnie Alinio, Lucian Kays, and myself were among the tireless members who put together first arrangements in used Brown's Drugstore cases; with sliding glass locking windows donated by Frank X. Kamp. It was a real job carting objects and material up and down those steep stairs in the building, but never-the-less; a new and wonderful exhibit was created. Now as we look back, the progress is phenomenal. Some of the same members work at the running, maintaining, and continuing features at the Bank museum and Bundy Museum. The group has not changed except to improve vastly with all the local talents available to the Society. Thanks to all who participate willingly. So let's continue progressing in the future, we're not through yet!


Richard S. Axtell




All events are free and open to the public and will be held at the Museum unless otherwise noted

Saturday July 16th: 9 AM – 3 PM

“Annual Brown Bread & Baked Bean Sale”

As part of the Lumberjack festivities, DHS will once again be serving up a wide variety of tasty breads and scrumptious baked beans. Books, maps and gift items will also be available for purchase. Look for us in front of NBT Bank!!

Wednesday, July 27th: 7:30 PM

Quarterly Meeting & Program – “Wish You Were Here; Oquaga Lake Resorts 1870-1980”

Immediately following the quarterly program, well-known author, photographer and lecturer, John Margolies, will discuss the social and design history of the four resorts located on Oquaga Lake. Refreshments will be served.

Sunday, August 7th: 4:00 PM

Reception Honoring Mary Cable and Ellen Jogo

You are cordially invited to a reception to honor Mary Cable and Ellen Jogo for their many years of devoted service to the Historical Society. If planning to attend, please RSVP to Elaine Reinhardt at 467-2385 or Becky Dilello at 467-2994.

Saturday, August 27th: 10:00 AM (Preview starts at 8:00 AM)

Antique Auction to Benefit the Dr. Oliver T. Bundy House Museum

A partial listing include colored and patterned glass, Deposit cut glass, brass bed, stick and ball bed, old wooden beehives, good usable appliances, kitchen implements, miscellaneous furniture, vintage clothing and box lots. This large auction will have something for everyone. Cash and good checks accepted. Refreshments will be available from an on-site vendor.

Saturday, September 10th: 9:00 AM & 11:00 AM

Old Stone House Museum Tour, Windsor

Host Charles English will share his extensive collection of Civil War memorabilia and vast knowledge of the period. Due to space limitations, reservations are required and may be made by calling the Historical Society Museum at 467-4422 after August 15th. Directions will be provided at time of sign up. If calling during off hours, please leave a message with phone number and your call will be returned.

Saturday, September 24th: 7:30 PM

Panel Discussion: “Deposit, Bygone Days”

Longtime Deposit area residents will come together to reminisce and share a glimpse of Deposit many years ago. Please join us for an informative and nostalgic walk down memory lane! Refreshments will be served.



Spring has seen much activity at the Museum, beginning with the standing-room-only program, “Fire Towers of the Catskills”. Presented by former teacher and author, Martin Podskoch, the presentation encompassed the history and lore of regional fire towers as well as the individuals connected w/ them. Prior to New York State’s phasing them out in favor of newer technology, there were 21 regional fire towers with Deposit’s (built in 1936) located at Page Pond. William Gould served as forest ranger to this tower, which today is owned by the Amahami Girl Scout Camp.

May 14th saw the welcome return of the Annual Old Time Folk and Craft Fair. Now in its 5th year, the Fair hosted 22 vendors and featured horse-drawn wagon rides and musical entertainment. A bake sale, 50/50 raffle and plenty of good eats insured that a good time was had by all.

With so much going on it is hard to believe that the season did not officially begin until May 29th, with the Museum’s 2005 Season Opening. This year’s ceremony was particularly exciting as we not only honored the 6 young winners of DHS’s 1st Annual Essay Contest (see “Award Winning Students”), but also formally dedicated the Doctor’s Office at the Oliver T. Bundy House Museum. Recreating the office of Dr. Clayton Axtell, who served Deposit during the 1st half of the 20th Century, the exhibit includes historical items and equipment once owned by the good Doctor. Also on display in this new facility, is a rare hand-painted drum brought back from the Civil War by Dr. Oliver T. Bundy. On loan from the Delaware County Historical Association, the drum will be on display now through October 9th.

The new exhibit space is now open to the public subject to staff availability. So please contact the museum to arrange an appointment - it is a visit you will be glad you made!








The Dr. Oliver T. Bundy House Museum as seen May 14th,
during the Old Time Folk & Craft Fair.



Our museum is undergoing a period of growth and evolution. But without active participation from our members, many of our future projects will forever remain in the planning stages. Please consider donating an hour or two (or more!!) to your Historical Society.

While there are many tasks and projects in need of manpower, we are presently most in need of Museum Sitters for the season and Jack-and-Janes-of-all-trades to assist in the renovations at the Dr. Oliver T. Bundy House Museum.

Sitters do not require special knowledge of the museum or its exhibits just a friendly smile, as they greet visitors to the facility. The museum is open Thursdays and Sundays from 2:00 to 4:00. If you’d like more information or are interested in signing up to sit for an afternoon, please contact Becky Dilello at 467-2994.

The new Bundy House Museum is facing a number of maintenance and remodeling projects and could very much use the help of DHS members in seeing them through. Whether you are an accomplished carpenter or a renovation novice with a simple desire to contribute, there are a variety of tasks and projects to suit every skill level and every degree of availability.

So please contact Richard Axtell at 467-2353 or Harry Dilello at 467-2994 and volunteer today!!



DHS News is proud to publish the names of the winners of the Deposit Historical Society’s First Annual Essay Contest:

Elementary Level

First Place: Mallory Kamp

Title: “What's In a Name?”

Prize: $100 Savings Bond

Second Place: Daniel Babcock

Title: “The Great American Foot Race”

Prize: Book and Movie Tickets

Third Place: Alicia Koch

Title: “Deposit Lour Bank Seminary”

Prize: Book

Intermediate Level

First Place: Colby Raymond

Title: “The 1896 Winter Life of J.W. Hamblet”

Prize: $100 Savings Bond and Book

Second Place: Tia Scott

Title: “Deposit Back Then”

Prize: Book and Movie Tickets

Commencement Level

First Place: Caitlin Diffenderfer

Title: “Schools in Deposit”

Prize: Palm T3 PDA

The Deposit Historical Society wishes to thank all of those who submitted essays and to thank, too, those who so generously donated the prizes awarded:

Kraig Pritts: Palm T-3 PDA and two $100 savings bonds;

Carolyn DeNys: movie tickets;

Prentice Hall Publishers: books awarded.

Plans are already underway for the 2005-2006 Deposit Historical Society Essay Contest and we will keep you updated as specifics develop.


Stephanie Zaczek's horticulture class takes a well-deserved break
from the museum's Landscape Project



The Deposit Historical Society wishes to extend its sincere thanks to those whose contributions of time and talents have enabled the Museum to get off to a glowing start this season. Be it contributing baked goods to the Fair or tackling the museum’s Landscape Project, whipping the Bundy House into shape for its recent opening or taking on any number of the other projects currently in the works, your efforts are sincerely appreciated and vital to the success of the museum. Thank you!



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