DHS Newsletter

October 2004: vol. I, issue II

From the President's Desk

Welcome members and friends to an early fall in Deposit in the foothills of the Catskills.  Summer moved too quickly for me; but much was accomplished with the help of the able hands of our board of directors and steadfast members. I am pleased to report that we are purchasing 143 Second Street, the Dr. Oliver T. Bundy home built c. 1840-1850.  It is a Greek Revival structure with some need of "TLC".  The future plan is to have a house museum with a public access historical library, old time doctor's office, and room settings of the mid 19th century Deposit era.  Our collections are such that more exhibit space is necessary.  From the results of our very successful quarterly meeting: Tom Brannen's "Indian Portage Trails"; it is evident that we'll soon need more gathering space.  We were quite pleased to receive a pair of Husband and Wife folk portraits of Nathan Dean's parents in July, 2004.  He settled the Broome County side of Deposit as Deansville which was later combined to include both sides of the Fort Stanwix Treaty Line.  These likenesses were painted in the 18th century and will soon hang in the museum. The events of warmer weather proved very successful.  The organ concert by Dr. Mark Andersen brought more attention to our need of cultural uplifting. Not enough emphasis is to be had regarding "old-fashioned" forms of entertainment. Our fund raiser in July, The Lumberjack Brown Bread and Baked Bean sale would not have yielded so much without help from all the participating members.  Enjoy visiting us at our next meeting, October 27, 2004, 7:30 pm 145 Second Street for "The Undertaker's History" presented by Rick Zacharias.


                                                            Richard S. Axtell, President

DHS Update

Uniformly rainy weather happily took a day off on July 17th, allowing for a fun and successful Baked Beans & Brown Bread Sale.  Thanks to the generous contributions made by the bakers and cooks in our membership, the sale offered a quantity and variety of baked beans and breads with the traditional brown breads making something of a “comeback” this year.  A good thing too, for whether intrigued by something “new” or eagerly looking for an old favorite, brown bread was the bread of choice!  One customer, having seen our ad in Good Times, traveled all the way from Endicott specifically to buy this specialty bread!!  In addition to food items, our booth sold a quantity of books, notepads and other items, with maps being our best seller.

On July 28th it was standing room only for the quarterly program, when Tom Brannan presented his entertaining and informative program, "American Indian Portage Trails".  Here Mr. Brannan, a retired surveyor discussed his discovery and study of stone piles extant in the area; piles which stood as markers for an early "highway" accessing Eastern tribes to the navigable rivers to the West.

Mark Andersen once again donated his time and considerable talents to a concert fund-raiser for the Historical Society.  "Bach to Broadway", performed on July 31st by Mr. Andersen and a trio of talented performers, proved an enjoyable evening to all in attendance.

The summer months have proven busy behind the scenes as well with the Membership, Program and Historic District Exploratory Committees convening regularly.  The Membership Committee, now chaired by Pat O'Donnell, worked to streamline membership procedures and to create ways of growing the membership. The newly formed Program Committee met to brainstorm program ideas for and finalize the events schedule for the coming year. And the Historic District Exploratory committee took both an enthusiastic and realistic look at both the scope of this ambitious and rewarding project and the many benefits to be gained by creating a local Historic District (see "Our Place in Time"). 

On August 26th Mr. Al Kukol of Levene Gouldin and Thompson, held a most informative seminar for the benefit of our board of directors on making the most of your nonprofit organization. Many useful ideas were presented and discussed, and valuable, practical advise given.

And finally our summer closed on a most fitting note, when on September 12th a reception was held honoring former DHS board members in recognition of their years of dedication and valuable contributions to the Deposit Historical Society.

Summer is winding down and the snow will undoubtedly be upon us when next we go to print. 'Til then, let us  enjoy the warm & sunny days left to us of summer, drink in the golden light of fall, and snuggle up for a cozy winter to come!  'Til the new year...

Our Thanks To...

Membership Corner

The Deposit Historical Society wishes to offer a warm welcome to our newest members:

Life memberships:

Annual Memberships:

To Become A Member:

Annual Dues:                10.00

Life membership:          50.00

Annual & Senior Rate:   5.00

Checks should be made payable to:

"The Deposit Historical Society"

and submitted to

145 Second Street, Deposit, NY 13754

to the attention of Pat O'Donnell.

*Just a reminder that annual membership dues are just around the corner!!!

Calling All Members!

The Museum Needs Your Help!

Our July request for membership assistance yielded a grand total of  three new volunteers.  Are we grateful for those volunteers? You bet!  But as you can well imagine, we urgently require the one thing our Society is in sore need of - - - (wo)manpower!  Therefore, the Deposit Historical Society is once again soliciting its membership for assistance.  Regardless of your schedule - whether you can make a one-time commitment of an hour or two or can spread a few more hours over committee or event work - we need  you!! So please consider volunteering your talents to the museum.  The Historical Society is only as strong as we make it!

Here is are some of the areas currently in need of your assistance:

• Oktoberfest Sale - This has proven to be a fun and successful event for the Society. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.  If you will make the time to bake a pie, take a "sitter's spot" during the day at the museum, help at the booth or assist with set up and/or breakdown for this October 10th event - your efforts will be most appreciated.  For more information, please call Elaine Reinhardt at 467- 2385.

• Program Committee - A new and still-forming program committee is hard at work in developing a schedule of exciting and informative programs for our coming calendar year.  Input, ideas and energy are still being sought to assist in this effort.  If interested in getting involved in this vital and rewarding committee, please contact Richard Axtell at 467-2353.

• Publicity & Advertising - At present, we have one individual handling our programs & events listings. As this member is a part year resident and will be absent during the coming months, we are looking for a member or two to take on this venture in her absence.  If you would like to pitch in, please contact Elaine Reinhardt at 467-2385 or Kendra Hansen at khansen@usadatanet.net.

• Membership Committee - Pat O'Donnell has graciously and enthusiastically accepted the position of Membership chairperson.  Pat is currently busy fine-tuning a campaign to solicit potential new members among local new-property owners.  It's a fun and most needed project and would well do with able assistance from members of the Society's community.  If interested in helping out in any way in this project and/or this committee, please contact Pat O'Donnell at 467-4778. 

• Museum Sitting & Refreshments Committee(s) - Our regular museum season will soon be ending; refreshments continue to be needed for regularly scheduled programs .  This  "downtime", when the museum is closed but activities continue, is a great time to volunteer your assistance in organizing and/or assisting in the coordination of the sitters schedule in the coming season and ongoing refreshment needs.  If interested, please contact Ellen Jogo at the Museum on Tuesday mornings at 467-4422 or call or e-mail Kendra Hansen at 467-1096, khansen@usadatanet.net .  

• Building & Grounds Maintenance - As fall kicks off and winter approaches, we're all beginning to turn our thoughts and efforts to "buttoning up" our homes for the coming frosty season.  Will you be willing to take an hour or two of an afternoon to help "button up" our museum for the season?  Small maintenance projects and general raking and grounds cleanup is needed before the first snowfall.   A general Fall Cleanup day is scheduled for the morning of Saturday October 16th.  With a number of us pitching in, this promises to be a fun & satisfying autumnal day!!  For more info or to volunteer in other ways, please call Harry Dilello at 467-2994. 

Please take a minute or two to review these requests and consider how you can help the Museum.  We can also be reached at the Museum at 467-4422 or by e-mail at dephistsoc@aol.com or via the Newsletter at khansen@usadatanet.net. Let us know how you'd like to pitch in!!

Thank you!

Our Place in Time

            In the spring of this year, the Deposit Historical Society Board of Directors created an exploratory committee to consider the creation of a historic district in Deposit. The exploratory committee's objective was limited only to consideration of the project.  The committee considered the potential advantages of a Deposit historic district as well as the effort that such an undertaking would require. After several meetings, the committee concluded that a historic district in Deposit would be a worthwhile endeavor, both for the Historical Society and as a community-wide project that would help create an enhanced appreciation of Deposit's cultural and architectural heritage.

            To accomplish such a grand goal, volunteers will be needed to begin to collect the mass of detailed data for the historic district application process.  This process will require dedication and perseverance on the part of all involved.  As attractive as the idea of a historic district in our community is, the idea cannot move forward at all until volunteers, first from the Historical Society, then from the community-at-large, step forward to begin the process, the preparation of a historic site application.  Considerable work will be required to create the narrative history and geographical description of the village, a narrative street-by-street description of the proposed district and detailed historically and architecturally accurate individual site descriptions of all properties participating in the district. In addition, volunteers will create a crucial narrative statement of significance.  Of course, the project will go nowhere unless the community is fully behind the idea; and so, considerable time will also be required to encourage the participation and integration of all community organizations in this historic district project.

            If there is enough interest (more than one or two individuals, to be sure) in the project, entitled "Our Place In Time", then it will go forward.  Hopefully, that will be the case.  What better organization than the Deposit Historical Society to initiate the historic district application process…an undertaking that would potentially bring together all of Deposit's civic, social, educational and business groups in an endeavor resulting in a sense of place in our region? What better organization to celebrate the preservation of our cultural, historic, and architectural heritage than our own Deposit Historical Society?

            If you are interested in volunteering to participate in this exciting project and have time to give, please contact the Historical Society at (607) 467-4422, or email us at dephistsoc@aol.com or care of DHS News at khansen@usadatanet.net.

Editor’s Note

The leaves have not even turned, much less fallen, as we go to press.  But it is not too early to think about material for the January newsletter! Please remit all updates and other items to be included in the January newsletter, no later than Friday, December 10th. DHS News also invites any ideas, suggestions, and articles. Please send your materials, comments and ideas to:

            Kendra Hansen

            c/o the Deposit Historical Society

            145 Second Street

            Deposit, New York,13754


            call: 467-1096

            or e-mail to:


Please be sure and include your name, phone number and/or e-mail address in any correspondence.

Many thanks for your time and input!