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The Official Newsletter of the Deposit Historical Society

October 2005:Vol II, Issue iv

The Deposit Historical Society

145 Second Street

Deposit, New York 13754

(607) 467-4422

Website: www.deposithistoricalsociety.org

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President’s Message...


Food for Thought

As I reminisce over the summer events, I relish the future of our Historical Society and museums. Notice the latter is plural. Presently in our midst, we have a wonderful opportunity not all historical agencies have; a second museum building for display and work space. Dedication to restoration needs much time in planning, properly executing old fashioned ideas blended with new and gathering enough manpower to accomplish the effort. The reward is not monetary but a sense of pride in work well done. We, as members, look forward to joining our forces to finish what we started. That is to create a house museum setting with a new research center on the ground floor; all handicapped accessible. Please consider lending some of your personal skills and ideas to make this project a real great benefit for our community. When we all pool our resources together, many hands make work easier.


Sincerely, Richard S. Axtell, President





DHS Second Annual Essay Contest


The second annual Deposit Historical Society Essay Contest is underway. Students in grades 3 through 12 are invited to participate. Mary Colvard and Tammy LaGraffe plan to meet with faculty members at the Deposit Central School to promote the contest.

Prizes include savings bonds, movie tickets, books, and Historical Society memberships. Prizes will be awarded at each level. Everyone entering will receive a certificate of participation. Judges will read and evaluate numbered entries so that the identity of each participant is not known.


Students from Deposit as well as other nearby communities are invited to write about the Cannonsville Reservoir and watershed, fishing, the railroad, bluestone, logging, and farming/agriculture.

Entry forms, age categories, deadlines, and a listing of the prizes can be found on the Deposit Historical Society web site (www.DepositHistoricalSociety.org) and at the Deposit Free Library.




Reception for Mary Cable and Ellen Jogo


Genealogist Mary Cable and museum curator Ellen Jogo were honored at a reception on August 7th for their many years of service and dedication to the Deposit Historical Society. A large crowd consisting of family, friends, and Historical Society members turned out to honor them and wish them well. Both Mary and Ellen plan to continue to support the efforts of the DHS for many years to come. Richard Axtell, president of the Historical Society Board of Directors, was quick to point out that neither Mary nor Ellen are retiring from the Society!





Scotts Say, “Thank You”


Sixteen museum “sitters” were treated to a delicious dinner and great entertainment at Scott’s Hotel on Wednesday, August 31st. For many years, busloads of Scott’s guests have enjoyed visiting the Deposit Historical Society Museum. The sitters make sure that the facility is open for them and other guests as well. The sitters had a wonderful time and wish to say, “Thank you!” to the Scotts for their thoughtfulness.


The museum sitters deserve thanks from the entire membership of the Deposit Historical Society for all of the hours they have dedicated to keeping the museum open for visitors to enjoy. Special thanks are extended to Becky Dilello for scheduling volunteers.




Oquaga Lake Revisited


John Margolies, author, historian, and lecturer was the guest speaker for the Society’s quarterly meeting program on July 27th. The program, “Oquaga Lake Resorts 1870 -- 1980” fascinated the audience. With his stories and slides, Mr. Margolies transported listeners back to a time when the original four resort hotels made Oquaga Lake a premiere vacation destination.






The Antiques, Household, and Collectables auction held on August 27th was a huge success. Many superb items were sold and lots of bargains were found. All proceeds will be used for the continuing restoration of the Bundy Museum. A big thank you to all who donated items for the sale and also to those who helped including Jonathan O’Connor, Dan and Josh Axtell, Bara Dunau, and Tim O’Donnell.


*Look for the our huge tag sale in June 2006 as we clean out the museum garage




Genealogy Workshop


On Wednesday, June 29th, Mrs. Bernice Graham Telian, author, Meredith town historian, genealogist, and recipient of several prestigious awards for historic preservation presented a most enlightening program for genealogy. Mrs. Telian stressed the importance of searching close to home for information. Family members, photos, diaries, scrapbooks, and family treasurers can be invaluable resources. Mrs. Telian provided a packet of helpful sources including websites and data on DNA. Genealogy packets are still available at the museum research room along with a large collection of other genealogy material. Note: The research room is open every Tuesday from 9:00 AM until noon.




Deposit: Bygone Days


Our first panel discussion, took place on Saturday September 24th. Our panel members, long-time Deposit area residents, and the audience had an equally great time as Deposit’s past was revisited.


Thanks to all those on the panel for their willingness to make a special evening by sharing your remembrances and great stories.


By popular demand, we are already planning another night of nostalgia for September of next year.


And a big thank you to Mike Musante for recording the entire session on video.



Coming Next Year…


Just a short preview of some of our programs coming next year...

Š    In April, we present “When Cauliflower was King.”

Š    We celebrate our 25th anniversary in July with a vintage fashion show! Also, in July, a Civil War reenactment program.

Š    A program on “Cemetery Art” will be our October topic.

Š    In August, plan to join us for a field trip to Dorflinger Glass and Glassworks house.

Š    Our “Bygone Days” panel meets again in September. (Back by popular demand!)

Š    And of course, watch for the Lumberjack Festival brown bread and baked bean sale, the Octoberfest pie sale, and our Christmas Open House.


More details coming soon on our website and in the next issue of DHS News.





A “Work in Progress”


Although the Historical Society has made great strides with various museum projects this year, there is still much work ahead. The Oliver T. Bundy House should open next year, possibly in the spring. This can happen only if we are able to complete the necessary renovations. Both interior and exterior work must still be done. As part of the Bundy House project, the museum office and research library will be relocated to rooms in the back of the Bundy House, thus making them more accessible to museum staff and researchers.


In this issue’s Presidents Message, Richard spoke of pooling our resources… If you can wield a paintbrush, hammer nails, or carry things…WE NEED YOU!! Please help the museum by calling Harry Dilello at 607-467-2994 and volunteer your time and talents.




Mystery of the Month…


Can anyone identify the house behind this old Deposit school bus?? And perhaps when this photo was taken?

Send information to Mary Colvard, 24 Bobolink Ct., Deposit, or email her at mcolvard@tds.net

(Thanks to Terry Whiting for donating this and several other pictures to the DHS Museum!)




Newletter Update


Thank you to Kendra Hansen for producing our quarterly newsletter since 2004. Everyone appreciates all that Kendra did to keep the members so well informed!


With Kendra’s resignation, John Bartsch and Mary Colvard have agreed to be the our newsletter editors. If you have any information or articles for the newsletter, please email them to Mary at mcolvard@tds.net, or call her at 467-6152. Thank you!




Productive Season for DHS

The Historical Society had a wonderful season with many accomplishments. Among these are:


•     The Knapp Bank building facade saw a fresh coat of paint on the front door, a shoring up of the front steps, and the installation of new light fixtures. Our lovely new landscaping frames all of this. . While there is still work to be done, the Museum’s appearance is much improved!


•     The Dr. Oliver T. Bundy House at 143 Second Street (next door to the Museum) opened its first room on May 29th. Through a generous donation from Dr. Clayton Axtell’s Family (Priscilla Axtell VanValkenburg and family and Ella Axtell Stearns), we were able to establish a doctor’s office containing Dr. Axtell’s equipment along with other historical items and a complete apothecary.


•     A record number of visitors enjoyed strolling through the museum making discoveries and learning about Deposit and the surrounding communities. Society programs and events have been extremely well supported this year.


•     Sales of our books on regional history and gift items increased this year, partly due to our website listings and mail order capability. Remember, all gift shop items can be purchased through our website. A complete listing of programs and events is available as well. Just go to www.deposithistoricalsociety.org


•     The official closing date for the museum is October 9th. However, the research library is open every Tuesday from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM.





Thank you to all of the cooks and bakers who provided beans and brown bread for the annual Brown Bread and Baked Beans sale held during the Deposit Lumberjack Festival. Thanks also go out to all those making monetary donations. Museum board member Pat O’Donnell deserves special thanks for making all of the phone calls requesting the baked goods.





Peder Hansen Leaves the Board


It is with regret that the resignation of Peder Hansen from the DHS Board of Directors has been accepted. Peder served since 2003 and was treasurer during part of that time.


Thank you Peder on behalf of the Historical Society.



Deposit Historical Society – Upcoming Events


Mark Your Calendar!!


Harvest Pie Sale Sunday, October 9, 2005 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM,


As part of Octoberfest, DHS will once again be offering a large variety of homemade pies. Books, maps, and many other items will also be available for purchase. Look for us on Front Street in front of the A to Z Shop.


Quarterly Meeting and Program Wednesday, October 26, 2005 7:30 PM


Following a brief meeting, historian Wellington Lester will present a program entitled, “Prohibition: Noble Question.” Mr. Lester will take us back in time to the “good old days,” providing a historical perspective and humorous look at moonshining, racketeering, and bootlegging from 1883 through the prohibition years (1910 - 1933).


Christmas Open House Sunday, December 4, 2005 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM


Visit our beautifully decorated museum and enjoy celebrating the holidays with us. Delicious refreshments will be served. Patty and Gary Holdredge and Sarah and Dan Axtell will provide special musical entertainment. Winners of the Second Annual Deposit Historical Society Essay Contest will be announced and awards presented.